Saturday, December 27, 2008

Traumatic Brain Injury

This was forwarded to me from the Patriotic Pillow Project:

Supporters of our Military Community,

Please I implore you to watch this informative series of segments dealing with and teaching us about TBI *Traumatic Brain Injury!! This is a signature injury sustained by possibly 25% of our young Service Men & Women that are in the field overseas. We must improve the knowledge base of the general public to be more patient, understanding and protective of these Healing Heroes. There may be someone in your own community that is grappling with the devastating multiple complexities of TBI. There has been and always will be a special place in my heart for these Brave Survivors. Many are Angels returned to us from the other side whom in any other war wound have perished. They are gifts from God and them selves and their Families deserve our unfaltering commitment and Support.

Forward these You Tube videos for others to view, and share. From a daughter of a Dad that was on the neuro unit in a coma, that he did not survive from; find out how you too can “Make a Difference!” Encourage your elected officials to provide extensive therapy treatment and mostly funding to afford the best that medicine has to offer these American Warriors. Early intervention to advanced therapies, from the best professional institutions is most appropriate. They also too require rehabbing of their homes to accommodate the restructuring of the environment to make their living spaces Safe and Practical. Help a Hero!!!

For awareness and to serve as a Respectful head cover to provide warmth, we have designed “Kenny’s Kaps!” These unique skull caps are adorned with the Military Merit Badge patch. These head covers should be recognized telling a person of the community that the wearer has challenges. Please treat our recipients with respect and recognition. They deserve your Thanks and MORE…………………….

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