Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Blurb by Diana Hume George

The many voices of the homefront of war rise to choral status here, singing to us their longing and loss, determination and acceptance, mourning and patience, and most of all their loving loyalty to husbands, sons, fathers, brothers, friends -- and to their country, for their own futures are held as hostage to the vicissitudes of war as are those of the soldiers they honor. Despite the powerful rising chorus in which they chant as one, every story here remains individually voiced, so that we do not forget the profiles of each face awaited in his own home, by his own beloveds. This gripping collection utterly transcends the politics of war, by showing us the many ways in which each war becomes all wars
-- World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, the present Iraq war, are all here, and we even glance backward at the Civil War itself. This should be only the first of many such anthologies, because the stories of soldiers' homefronts are as much a part of any war as what goes on over there.

Diana Hume George
Author of The Lonely Other: A Woman Watching America