Friday, November 07, 2008

History on the Homefront

Well, I might not have been kind to Sarah Palin, but it seems I made the right call. I hope that John McCain is a part of the new direction of America and I salute his service. Also, I respect Obama as the new Commander in Chief.

Soon, more veterans will be home from war and we will be there for them on the homefront. I hope we can help.

I feel a little badly for being so mad at McCain's pick of VP, in the end, it seemed to be very accurate that she was too polarizing of a pick. I apologize for being so mad, but being passionate drives me to serve, work, edit, teach, love, and I can't be passionate without also stepping on toes once in awhile. Thanks for your generous understanding.

I hope and pray that our military strengthens under Obama, that our methods of warfare can more effectively fight this 14 century war with 21st century idealism, and that our economy can stabilize to support the massive amount of humans on the planet. I hope and pray that he can put together a cabinet to address the issues and help heal us as a nation.

There is a lot to do, and it is time to start the work.

Jesse Loren