Friday, August 29, 2008

Political ranting-We can't afford McCain

(This is a personal, political rant and does not reflect Bombshells or anything I have edited or written. It doesn't mean I am not deeply involved with people who have served, moreover, it is my American point of view August 30th, 2008) It is just me, little ol me, as a woman after the homefront wait, a woman interested in the future of my country.

Desperate men do desperate acts. McCain picked a hockey mom with less than two years experience as governor of a state that is mainly wilderness. I doubt her management of deer will prepare her for Iraq, Iran or Israel, let alone countries that do not begin with the letter I.

There were loads of amazing prospects to choose from, but he chose her. What does she have that someone like Mitt Romney doesn’t have? Mitt served as CEO of the 2002 Olympics, that’s pretty international, and he was governor of Massachusetts. He went to Stanford, then BYU. Oh yeah, he is Mormon and that would surely ignite evangelical ire. God knows John needs those evangelicals.

McCain could have picked Tom Ridge who has served as Homeland Security Advisor. He was twice elected as Governor of Pennsylvania. He probably had to manage deer, Amish and taxes; that had to be hard. Tom cut taxes and worked with green technology, also helped with education initiatives, and increased healthcare availability for children in his state. So what does a self-styled hockey mom have that Tom Ridge doesn’t have? Sara Palin doesn’t have experience. She isn’t more qualified than men like Ridge or Romney, hasn’t served more, didn’t score higher on her SATs, or go to better schools.

Palin got a scholarship to college from winning second place in the Miss Alaska Beauty Pageant. She only minored in political science. Mitt Romney got into college with his perfect score on the SATs. News agencies aren’t talking about her dynamic intellect; no the news is abuzz about her workout and her eating habits.

Why would McCain consider a second place beauty queen with a minor in poly-science with miniscule political experience over a man who served as Homeland Security Advisor? The answer is so transparent it makes me sick. He thinks Clinton supporters will turn on Barrack and vote for him for having a woman on his ticket.

I voted for Barack in the primaries, but if Hillary won the nomination, I would have voted for her because she was smart, strong and qualified. She went to Wellesley as an undergraduate, (and not on a beauty scholarship). She went to Yale Law School and worked her tail off for children and other causes. She became a lawyer, married Bill, raised her family, and stood by him as wife and first lady both as governor then as president. Come on, she was elected as Senator of New York. Does New York have a deer problem? I wasn’t voting for Hillary because she has the parts necessary to make babies. Frankly, I would have voted for her because if she were a man, she would have been president a long time ago. She is smart, articulate, well educated, level-headed, and relentless. I will not vote for McCain; first, because he voted with Bush 90 percent of the time. Bush’s decisions have made a disaster of our economy and our standing in the world. Secondly, McCain’s choice of Palin is an outrage.

McCain’s decision to overlook all those educated, highly qualified men to pick a hockey mom – hunter is nonsensical and categorically offensive to every woman who has ever struggled for equality. How dare he! If I could slap him, I would, then I would slap her for being dumb enough to think she was qualified for the job. Are you kidding girlfriend. He is just using you for your Va- Jay Jay; did you not learn anything in college?

Lastly, Palin is the mother of five and one will soon be sent to Iraq. I would be more proud of bringing home the sons and daughters of America than to boast sending out more, especially my own.

We can’t afford this course for our country. We started out 8 years ago with a surplus of cash; we are now over 9.6 trillion dollars in a national debt that grows by the second. This leaves at least 31 grand on each of our backs; we will need are sons and daughters at home to pay this off. We will need unity to pay this off. We will need to change to pay this off. Not an endless war and endless debt. We do not need four or eight more years of this, and besides, nobody reading this could ever afford it.